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tv   News  ABC  July 7, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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i believe this story will stay with you the rest of the morning. you're going to watch someone who nearly drowns, but is saved by brave souls. this video you are now watching is key in the case against a maryland soldier who may risk national security. if you took the northeast temperature last night, didn't go below 80, unless the sun comes up today, there it goes up again. good morning maryland, i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. it hurt to touch my steering wheel yesterday, the car was so hot. >> once it gets below 32 in the winter, i don't care, just like this in the summer. >> i totally agree with you,
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jamie. it hurt my hands too. i was driving like this, it wasn't good at all. like this, you see? like that? yeah, we'll be dealing with another heat wave, it'll continue. instead of the code red we had yesterday. today we have a code orange, that's sensitive for unhealthy groups. if you have asthma, lung disease, maybe heart disease, you need to limit your exposure to outdoors. along with the code orange, we have a heat advisory for today. we're definitely going to be feeling that humidity. today is going to be the last day of the triple digits, that's definitely good news. those are the changes that'll be coming into the forecast. temperatures right now coming in at 77 degrees into baltimore. we'll get hotter as the day goes on. more of the same into hagerstown. winchester 71 degrees right now. oakland at 70. charlottesville, 71 degrees.
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york, 69 degrees. philadelphia, 85 degrees. and 81 in dover. 78 degrees into atlantic city. here is your 12-hour forecast. we're going to be humid and hot. eat the lunch indoors once again. 99 degrees. by the afternoon, my temperature around 103. let's send it to kim brown with traffic. >> thanks, lynette. you have hurt hands, i have hurt feelings. my dog was upset by it yesterday. traffic-wise we're okay, we have a couple incidents working. you'll see traffic moving nicely at harford road. outer loop, towards charles street, two right lanes blocked for road work. old court road, traffic is moving well. emergency road work locking the eastbound lanes of pulaski highway. here on the southwest side at frederick road, no real issues. eastbound, route 100 on the ramp
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to southbound 97, south gate, anne arundel county, megan and jamie, back to you. we're not alone in all this, right? there's only one sun? over philly, new york, boston, all that? >> there's a heat wave, it has a grip on us and our neighbors. john hendren takes a look at other parts of the country also suffering. >> reporter: sweltering east coast, there's no relief. >> temperatures soaring near the triple digits. >> record setting heat wave. >> another day of dangerous heat around here. >> reporter: triple digit temps will be just as hot today. in the northeast, unusual, extreme heat. looking for an air conditioner? sorry, this store is sold out. >> we've had calls all day. we're getting more at the end of the week. >> reporter: in new york city, 13 firefighters battling a blaze
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in heavy gear and baking 103-degree heat were rushed to the hospital. all along the eastern seaboard, the power grid is strained to the breaking point. >> i expect isolated outages. >> reporter: the forecast has the high heat lingering until at least friday. 5:34. anne arundel county executive john leopold has activated cooling centers. people who need to take a break from the sun can stop by any senior center, grab a bottle of cold water, the cooling centers will be open every day. temperatures exceed 100 degrees. people can call ahead, here's the number 410-222-0600 if you have questions . officials in harford county are doing the same. senior centers doubling as cooling centers from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. the department of parks and recreation is offering cooling stations now from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. head to our
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website, here's the latest now at 5:34 on an american soldier with maryland ties charged with leaking classified data and putting national security at risk. a military video leaked last april, this is what you're watching right now. the u.s. army's case against specialist bradley manning of potomac. >> now a photographer and driver were also killed in this attack. if convicted on all charges, manning could be sentenced to 52 years in prison. 5:35 right now.
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baltimore city's top prosecutor will have to face down some pretty serious competition if she wants to keep her job this fall. patricia jessamy has been city state attorney since 1995. gregg bernstein has announced he's going to run against her. they're both democrats, but the two months campaign will focus on their differences. >> it's the reduction in crime. so crime is going down. and one of the consistencies about that is me. >> there's a misuse of resources that could be better targeted to prosecuting, convicting and punishing more violent criminals. 5:36. a dramatic rescue caught on tape. >> strangers credited with helping save a man's life. and severe storms cause flash flooding.
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a teenager swept away in a creek. here's lynette charles with your weather. >> good morning, everyone, we're definitely dealing with a heat wave out there. check out what we have in terms of numbers. wednesday almanac, today, our lows should be at 66. we're not at that at all. we're already seeing 80s out there. through our high, we should be in the 80s, forecasting around 103. check out what was set yesterday, 105. we actually set a new record. let's send this to mark jones. good morning, mark. >> good morning, the commute start is a good one right now on the marc train system. no delays on the camden, penn or brunswick lines. light rail on time. with construction between camden yards and cultural center, construction buses there. 13 westbound, diversion at washington street and eastern. number 5 diverted at chase and eaton. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones.
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inches of rain that caused flash flooding in parts of oklahoma city. emergency crews rescued stranded drivers there. the search continues for a teenage boy swept away in a creek. 5:41 right now. such a different picture here. >> i'm going to put you on the spot, when did it rain last? >> 2.60 inches below for the entire, let me take that back, 2.6 inches below since june. we need rain quickly. we could start drought conditions. it's pretty bad out there. heat wave going on. we're not the only ones affected by the heat. right now into new york, we're looking at 85 degrees and 80 into st. louis, 71 in nashville, 75 in jackson, 75 in atlanta. it's just widespread from the midwest down south and as we head up the east coast, we're still seeing more of the same there. roanoke around 71. these temperatures are what we're dealing with right now.
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when you're starting in the 70s, the mid-80s, you know you'll end up in the triple digits. we'll factor in the humidity, here's the 12-hour forecast by lunch time. 103 degrees this afternoon for a high. let's get a check of traffic with kim brown. >> as you make your way, coming out of reisterstown in the owings mills area, you're not going to find problems on 795, southbound lanes all wide open from route 140 towards the beltway. that'll take you about nine minutes this morning. we have a couple things to let you know about in the area. fire equipment at old eastern boulevard, they have that closed in both directions because of that fire activity there. also a water main break, cold spring lane, as you approach the jfx, could be blocking lanes there as well. south gate, eastbound route 100 on the ramp to southbound 97. sherrie johnson is standing outside right now. she has the latest details about one of today's top stories. good morning, sherrie.
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watch. frederick the home of la pass, francis scott key is buried there, the runner up on top chef, brian voltacio grew up there. sherrie johnson with the hottest place in the nation. >> we've had some temperatures, a heat wave here going on. right now i'm here going out with my temperature gun. i don't know if it's a good idea to have this thing around. let's look at what we're dealing with outside right now. these plants, we're looking at about uh, huh, about 78 degrees there, 78, that's not too bad, but you know what, it's still early. and then if we go over here, to the sidewalk area, we're looking at about 80 degrees. just a couple degrees higher. so right now, all is good, not too bad here, but later on, it'll be a much different story.
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yesterday we hit the streets, looking at different areas with our trusty temperature gauge here. we found varying degrees reaching about 106 degrees. we headed to the park where a slide was about 121 degrees. probably not a good idea to have the kids playing on that with that type of temperature. we decided to turn the temperature gun over to people on the streets. that's when things got interesting. here's what one person had to say. >> 92. 83, 85, you hot, embryo embryo -- bro. >> frederick maryland is up there with needles california for the hottest place in the nation yesterday. we're in for a scorcher later
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today. we'll be out here most of the morning with the temperature gauge, we'll check on more things coming up. if you're looking for a way to cool off, baltimore has announced that city pools will stay open later today and thursday to help you beat the heat. city pools will be open until 9:00 p.m. and walk-to pools will close at 5:00. what do you say we open more cooling centers in baltimore? we're up to 15 now. nearly 1,000 people have visited the city's cooling centers this year. the baltimore fire department is staffing additional medic units to handle the heat related calls. as the mercury rises, so will your utility bills. the company offers this tip to help you save money. for every degree you boost your thermostat above 72, you can trim cooling costs by 5 to 7%.
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5:48 right now. now isn't the time to figure out you didn't clean your air filter. you along with everybody else, seeking repairs to get into your home. linda sow is here to tell us how this is going to cost us. >> if it's just replacing the filter, you don't have a lot to worry about. if your ac stops working altogether, you'll be in for a big shock. starting this year, manufacturers stopped making equipment with freon. if your ac goes out and you have to replace your unit you could be stuck with buying the newer version that costs about 5 to $8,000. if you don't want to fork over that much cash, you could take your chances and just replace the leaky coil. that will only cost a couple thousand dollars, but if your system dies again, you have to replace it with a newer unit anyway. since the transition started this year, you might be able to
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find old units that take freon, but don't expect that to last too long. good morning, everyone. you're looking at yesterday's highs and basically, we were in the triple digits in a lot of spots. only seeing um, the two digits into york, 97 degrees, still quiet warm though. couple digits away from the century mark. check out baltimore, we set a record at 105. we have a heat advisory in effect for today. lingering from yesterday, starting at noon. until 11:00 tonight. all the areas here shaded in the red. then we're looking at pinks there. an excessive heat warning across those counties. the reason why? we had those dew points. measure of the moisture in the air. when we feel the 60s, very humid uh, not feeling that great, pretty miserable outside, very oppressive as we see the 70s
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into annapolis. we're looking at satellite and radar, there's a new feature i added. this feature, this upper level low could kick back a few clouds, maybe moisture, rain across the area by tomorrow. in the meantime, this is what we're stuck with. high pressure once again will be pretty stubborn to get out of here. we'll be seeing the heat wave continue for one more day. there's the moisture into the atlantic. some could fly our way. hopefully it will fly our way. the last time we saw rain was june 28th. we haven't seen it at all in july. let's keep our fingers crossed. today, 103, heat advisory, we also have a code orange, that's unhealthy for sensitive groups. tonight the temperature 89 degrees. mostly clear, warm and still humid. we're getting used to this pattern, right? tomorrow we come out of that pattern, temperature 95. isolated storm possible, not as
5:52 am
hot. >> traffic is actually pretty good, we're not working any accidents right now. not going to encounter too many delays. everything working in baltimore city right now, we have a water main break near cold string lane as you approach the jfx, could see lanes blocked there. fire activity continues to block the intersection at eastern avenue and old eastern avenue. drive times all in the green. no issues on the beltway right now. five minutes from 795 southbound. the whole stretch of the corridor, towards the beltway. no issues on the harbor tunnel thruway at this time. 83, north of the beltway, we have light volume. no major problems as you make your way down from middletown road, headed towards 695. stay with us, we have more good morning maryland coming right back after this.
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top stories around the nation: legal challenge to arizona tough new immigration law before it even goes into effect. the government says it's unconstitutional. the law is supposed to take effect on july 29th. 79 days of looking at this. it is day 79 of the gulf oil
5:56 am
spill and as soon as today, a new containment vessel, hovering over the site could double the amount of crude being collected. lousy weather, choppy seas have been slowing down the effort. in texas, which has escaped the disaster so far, tar balls are now on the coastline. we had a frightening near drowning in a florida park. young marley lopez fell into the water, her older brother managed to save her and get her into the arms of family, but then he started to struggle. somebody on the beach called 911. a man riding by on a bike saw what was happening, he jumped into the water, pulled the victim opt the rocks, started cpr until responders arrived.
5:57 am
his family is grateful to all the strangers who helped save his life. >> incredible. a missouri community came together. >> over one missing girl. this morning: an amber alert is over after a 4-year-old is found. where the little girl was taken from. 700 workers will be affected with a new announcement this morning. kids ride their bikes, but parents worry about injuries. moms and dads, we'll give you five tips to keep your kids from getting hurt. [ female announcer ] lunch at red lobster...
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